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Here at Etobicoke Ironworks Limited (EIW), we are the Canadian Scaffold manufacturer of choice, in addition to being a long-time reputable Miscellaneous Ironwork and Structural Steel fabricator. Our three divisions are home to our valuable customers who keep us top of mind when they need quality product, custom innovation and reliable service.

If you require additional product information or need any further assistance, please contact us directly or take a moment to fill out a request form for additional info. You may already be familiar with our products and services and if you would like to speed up ordering procedures, we encourage you to complete and return a credit application form

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Our Scaffold Systems have been designed through years of experience and dedication and are manufactured using premium quality products, precision crafted for a longer lifespan and greater ease of assembly. Contact EIW, a world leader in: Movable Aluminum Scaffolds, Aluminum Staging Systems, Construction scaffolds, scaffold components, anchors, clamps, alarms, scaffold rental & surplus scaffold equipment.
With 10 years of providing insulated poured concrete forms, wall and slab forms for the construction industry, EIW can build metal forms, with different aluminum wall forms for different applications. From residential wall forms that can be handled by one person, to large panels for Industrial applications … we manufacture the right panel for your job. Our Forming systems applications include; Concrete retaining wall forms, Steel frame home structures, Commercial steel buildings, Custom steel forming - better with aluminum, Concrete slab construction.
As a manufacturing company, EIW offers a wide selection of different shoring alternatives. Click the following links to choose the Total Shoring System® which suits your project(s) best: Steel Truss Shoring Systems, Aluminum Truss Shoring Systems, QS Shoring Systems , XL QS Shoring Systems, Vertical Shores, Steel & Aluminum Frame Shoring Systems
EIW Total Grandstand Systems are simple, safe solutions to any occasion or special event. They have minimal to no environmental impact when removed. Our Grandstand system allows for design of any number of towers for news, media and photo professionals. Standard towers ensure ample mounting and bracing for any type of equipment and power supplies. Our Bleachers are available from a basic design to a more completed structure with large aisles, walkways and stairs to allow easier access to all parts of the stadium. We can incorporate ramps for wheelchair accessibility and special modules can be added for special seating.
Since 1955, Etobicoke Ironworks Limited has been supplying and installing structural steel for different industrial, commercial and residential projects. We offer a wide range of in -house structural services and can fabricate on demand. Etobicoke Ironworks Limited is a CWB Division One certified steel fabricator. We will work with you to meet, and surpass the needs and challenges of building steel structures effectively. EIW offers the ultimate in top quality Steel building fabrication, Steel frame structures, and all heavy Steel fabrication work.
AT EIW we put an emphasis on the visual appearance and quality of our work. As professionals, we make sure that your demands and preferences are met. We offer a wide variety of miscellaneous ornamental iron works including, Ornamental Wrought Iron Gates, Fences, Railings and Stairs. EIW specializes in Custom Metal Stairs including indoor, outdoor, spiral, pan stairs, and access staircases.

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