Shoring System


As a manufacturing company, EIW offers a wide selection of different shoring alternatives. Click the links below to choose the Total Shoring System® which suits your project(s) best:

  • Steel Truss Shoring Systems

  • Aluminum Truss Shoring Systems

  • QS Shoring Systems

  • XL QS Shoring Systems

  • Vertical Shores

  • Steel & Aluminum Frame Shoring Systems

  • EIW Garage System

Steel Truss Shoring Systems

When the job requires a fast Shoring and Forming System that can be craned to different areas at low cost and high production rate, there is nothing better than EIW’s Steel Truss Tables! We recommend these tables when there is a large area of slab to be poured and find them best for high rise buildings. Relocation is not a problem because these Steel Trusses can be moved around with our special casters and moving devices even when there is a low ceiling height.

Aluminum Truss Shoring Systems

  • Light weight accomodates; lighter crane capacities and allows manhandling as K.D. shoring system in lower floor levels, eliminating short term rental of shoring frames. Is ductile and durable and requires little structural maintenance.

  • Modular design and boltable components allow efficient shipping, replacement of parts, reconfiguration of members for local extra loads and fast on site assembly.

  • Uses the same extension legs, "U" bolts, truss jacks and cross braces as the EIW steel trusses.

  • Keeps good appearance and requires no painting.

  • Truss design allows for step down support for spandrel beams.

  • Two truss table accomodates 1200 square feet without special design or handling.

QS Shoring Systems

The QS System stands for “Quick Strip” because it allows you to strip all your form work and move to the next location after 24 hours of pouring the slab! Although the posts must remain in the same position until your slab has achieved the appropriate strength, time efficiency is the reason behind this system’s main advantage. Since the form work will be immediately used on the next level, your investment is basicaly in shoring equipment.

XL QS Shoring Systems

Similar to the QS Shoring System, XL stands for “Xtra Load” capacity. Both systems have the same features and advantages, but the XL QS Shoring System can span larger distances and heavier loads.

Vertical Shores

Made of aluminum or steel, with or without braces, the choice is yours, we have the appropriate shore for your slab forming system; combined with our slab forms we can make your project one of the cleanest, easiest and fastest!

Steel & Aluminum Frame Shoring Systems

Used in shoring or support, frames have been in the market for many years. We manufacture both steel and aluminum frames, to fit your project needs. We also have different capacities for these types of shoring components.

EIW Garage System

EIW's garage system handles parking garage projects with total ease and assurance. The system caters to specific projects and companies' effective use of labour and equipment. Some components may require changes from one project to the next and EIW ensures these are prepared for you. Our system will reduce costs and increase your assets all while getting the job efficiently completed.

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